specializing in treatment of trauma

trauma-informed setting, trauma-focused services and care

Many people have had painful life events that they try to move past, but which seem to "stick" or hold them back in some way.

The trauma-informed setting is designed to be soothing, calm and comfortable -- like being in someone's living room.

Trauma-focused services draw from in-depth understanding that will benefit those suffering from the aftereffects of abuse, violence, neglect and other traumas such as accident, injury, or death.

Your past doesn't  have to define you.

You can find meaning in your life's  experiences and move on.

determine your goals and make a plan

life can be stressful

If you're feeling overwhelmed or don't know where to start, talking with a counselor can give you a fresh perspective.

We work on reducing or eliminating symptoms...learning new skills...gaining insight...decision-making and problem-solving...or even refocusing the course of your life's direction.

realizing your dreams

Therapy doesn't have to focus on the negative or painful. Some clients come to counseling because they are aware that something is "off" and they aren't living up to their potential. People also come to therapy to get help with their goals and find a path to live their lives in the best way possible.

Let an experienced professional help you sort out issues, find solutions, and move forward with your life.